Custom Ceilings

Custom Ceiling Installations

The term “custom ceilings” applies to a variety of different ceiling needs and designs. Many are for specific applications where ceilings must be fire-resistant, soundproof, or breach-resistant.

Our high-security custom ceiling installations are designed for facilities like prisons, detention centers, or mental health accommodations, where people need to be kept in or kept secure, and where noise and contraband must be kept out. As such, security ceilings are tamper-resistant for protection against contraband concealment.

They are also super durable and washable as well, designed to last a long time, making them economical to maintain as well as safe.

Fire resistance is an important consideration for ceiling systems, especially in places where the risk of fire is high. The best fire resistant custom ceiling systems also provide enhanced resistance against structural failure, adding yet another safeguard. These ceilings may be incombustible as well, which essentially combines fire protection with fire prevention. Of course, these fire resistant ceilings must be properly installed to insure they work to their maximum potential, so hiring a reputable company with experts looking after all aspects of the installation is essential.

Acoustical or sound-absorbing ceiling systems can do everything from dampening ambient noise to lowering energy consumption. Specialty acoustic ceilings can also add a bold new look to an otherwise drab room or space. They are great for small or large areas and for a variety of buildings spaces including busy offices, hospitals and convention centers.

These ceilings achieve their soundproofing qualities by counteracting the sound that is bouncing off other hard surfaces in the room, such as flooring, glazing and furniture.

Specialty ceilings are also great at reducing  unwanted sound from traveling from room to room. By using acoustic tiles, placed just right, almost any environment can become more pleasant as bothersome noise and echo are reduced. Acoustic ceiling panels can be plain or decorative, allowing for unique designs and eye catching creations.

We love a challenge and look forward to taking on your ceiling needs. We’d be happy to help you select the right ceiling system for your commercial building and can even brainstorm with you to come up with a design that fits the mood of your space.

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