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While we’re experts in many aspects of interior construction, we are also expert building envelope contractors, tending to many of the components that encompass what is known as the exterior envelope of a building.

We are also exterior sheathing and siding experts. We specialize in the application of the extremely popular Hardie line of shingles, siding, soffit and trim.

A building envelope is the structural barrier between the interior and exterior of a building. It is responsible for helping to maintain climate control within the interior of a building and is a well-thought out engineering system that protects the structure and everything within it.

Exterior and building envelopes play an important role in a structure’s energy efficiency. Keeping heated or cooled air inside means less energy is used and buildings cost less to operate. Older structures weren’t always constructed with exterior envelopes in mind, which is why they are almost never as energy efficient as newer buildings. As a result, exterior envelope remediation has become common in recent year.

Exterior Envelope Issues

In general, exterior envelopes can fail for a handful of different reasons including:

Design flaws – Architects may recommend materials that are inappropriate for their intended use or that are incompatible with other materials used. Other problems arise when subcontractors try to reduce the weight, size, or amount of building envelope components (aluminum, glass, sealants, etc.) required on a project. This can lead to inadequate performance of the materials.

Material failures – Problems with materials occur when they fail to meet their published performance levels. This could be a result of flaws in manufacturing or improper handling or storage of materials.

Poor workmanship – Inexperienced and untrained personnel working on the components of the exterior envelope can mean that parts are not installed properly or per manufacturer’s instructions.

Properly installed and maintained exterior finishes protect your building from the cold and wet weather. Employing the services of exterior envelope experts like us is essential for the health and integrity of your building.

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