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Walls are walls, but ceiling systems really excite us! Have you ever been in a hotel, office, or perhaps a ballroom or concert hall that has a really fascinating ceiling?

If so, you know how creative acoustic ceiling contractors can be when it comes to designing a ceiling that really speaks to the mood and ambiance of the room.

At Peninsula Wall + Ceilings, we specialize in custom ceiling installations. We understand not only the need for unique designs and the desire to make a statement, but we also comprehend the acoustic needs of our clients and how to manage unwanted sound.

Our acoustic ceiling solutions are manufactured to bring you the best in sound dampening technology while looking great, too. We know how to make that statement without compromising acoustic performance.


Specifically, an acoustic ceiling dampens ambient noise via panels of sound-absorbing materials, usually mineral fiber, fiber-glass, or acoustic foams. The most popular type of acoustic ceilings are the “dropped” variety, which feature acoustic tiles that are dropped into metal grids and suspended from above.

With acoustic ceiling systems, we can create sleek angles, intricate grid patterns, sculptural designs, and a variety of geometric shapes.

Ceilings can be suspended or flush. They can be reflective, shiny, or more traditional in appearance. They can be straight, curved, and can be combined with a variety of other materials to add eye-catching interest provided by a variety of textures, patterns, and colors.

The evolution of acoustic ceiling systems has certainly allowed architects and designers to bring their visions to life while also meeting the needs of the occupants.

Unwanted noise in an interior space is one of the major complaints made by users of that space who are dissatisfied with their environment. Unwanted noise also decreases productivity. A well thought out acoustic ceiling system can relieve those problems by reducing ambient noise by as much as 70 percent.

Most acoustic ceilings are also highly reflective, making rooms appear brighter, even when natural light is lacking. And brighter room result in lower energy bills!

To learn more about all the aesthetic and acoustical changes an acoustic ceiling system can make in your space, contact us for more details. You can reach our experts at 604-576-4503.

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